5 Ways an Educational Therapist Can Help Your Child

Educational Therapist

Are you concerned because your child…

  • Has an individual learning style that schools and tutors don’t understand
  • Lacks the underlying academic skills to keep up with the rest of the class
  • Has weak basic learning skills such as memory and attention that are getting in the way of good grades
  • Hasn’t learned how to manage school by using the best study strategies, time management approaches and strategies for staying in charge of his or her emotions during tests
  • Says things such as “I can’t do this” or “I’ll never learn this” or “I’m so stupid”

If you answered “yes” to any of these questions, your child may have complicated learning needs that require specialized teaching approaches.
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How Can I Prepare My Special Needs Student To Be Successful In College?

Only a small percentage of students with special learning needs attend college, but parents have the opportunity, from the moment their child is born, to insure that their child is one of the successful college graduates. Read more

My Child Needs What?…What Are Executive Skills And Why Do Students Need Them?

All parents need to know about executive skills.  These are the skills that help us monitor and direct our lives.  We use our executive skills to plan and organize our behavior, make well-thought-out decisions, overrule immediate desires in favor of longer-term goals, take conscious control of emotions, and monitor our thoughts in order to work more efficiently and effectively.

Kids with ADHD have difficulty with one or more of the executive skills.  And other types of learning issues can cause a child to have trouble developing and using their executive skills. Read more

Homework Tips For Kids With Special Learning Needs

The homework routine often becomes an activity that neither parent nor child look forward to.  The parent’s role in the homework process is to be sure the work your child brings home is appropriate and to set up the conditions in the home that are necessary for your child to be successful. Read more

Make This a Great School Year!


It is very important for parents of kids with special learning needs to work with their child’s teacher to make the school year as productive as possible.

Learn everything you can about your child’s new teacher by talking to the principal and looking on the website.   Try to arrange an informal visit with the teacher before school starts.

Take your child to visit a new school before school begins.  Be sure to point out the cafeteria, lockers, gym, classroom, bus stop, play areas, restrooms, and main office.  Children need to know how to get around and find all the people and places they need during the day. Read more

Parents Often Ask Me… How Is Educational Therapy Different Than Tutoring?


I’m often asked how my educational therapy approach is different from tutoring.  Tutors focus on teaching bodies of facts, and sometimes a small number of study skills.  Tutors are basically helpful to students when the student learns relatively easily and has just fallen a little behind for some reason such as being ill.

But tutors are NOT trained in the way the human brain learns so they don’t know how to help students who learn differently or who have complicated learning needs. Read more

Parent Testimonial for Dr. Kari Miller, Educational Therapist


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