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Social skills classes for 4-5 year olds

Children with special needs may have trouble following rules, cooperating with others or making their needs known in appropriate ways.

Young children with special needs may have difficulty getting along with other children.  Children with special needs may have trouble following rules, cooperating with others or making their needs known in appropriate ways.

For example, a child with autism spectrum disorder often has difficulty understanding that other children have different thoughts and opinions.  Children with attention deficit disorder can have trouble taking turns or dealing with their feelings of frustration or jealousy. Read more

Practical Social Strategies For Adults With Disabilities

Practical social strategies for adults with disabilitiesAdults with learning disabilities, autism or ADHD can have trouble finding friends and mates who share their interests. Here are some practical suggestions from some of the talented Los Angeles professionals who work with special needs individuals.

Get involved!
The keys are getting out into the community and doing things you really enjoy! Get involved in activities you enjoy, because you will meet other adults who share your passions and a friendship can result.

Take courses you are interested in at junior college or vocational college. See a career counselor if you have trouble finding your dream career.

Volunteer for an organization you believe in, including YMCA, YWCA, Rotary, Habitat for Humanity or the local domestic violence shelter. When you find a cause or a person who needs you, you truly realize you make a difference, and it will boost your self-esteem. Read more

Finding And Keeping Mates: Tips For Individuals With Disabilities

finding a mateMany of us have experienced dating difficulties. Learn more about the kinds of problems that can get in the way of relationships.

There are some universal truths about dating and relationships that apply to all people, whether or not they have disabilities.

First, the old adage, “You’ve got to love yourself first” is really true. While it is true that attractiveness is somewhat subjective, how a person feels about himself or herself goes a long way toward how attractive others see them. When we feel good about ourselves, we feel we are worthy of attention from others and we feel we have something to offer other people. This is not the false bravado that you see sometimes on reality shows, but rather an inner confidence and comfort in one’s own skin that people find attractive.

Read more

Social Skills Challenges For Adults With Disabilities

Social skills challenges for adults with disabilitiesNicole Archambault Besson, Los Angeles speech-language pathologist, discusses how disabilities can affect social skills.

Most of us take our social skills for granted. We easily get along with others. However, for adults with social skills problems, simple everyday communication with family, friends, potential life-partners and business acquaintances can be very challenging.

Our relationships are a large part of what makes us human. But adolescents and adults with social skills challenges often feel rejected and isolated. The very social skills that should connect people, keep them feeling disconnected.

There are many opportunities, such as social skills groups, for children and adolescents to learn and practice good social skills in Los Angeles. But the opportunities for adults are much more limited.

When a person has difficulty with the give and take of social communication, their lives are affected in many ways. Social skills problems can get in the way of making friends, finding a mate, raising children, and keeping a job. Read more