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Download- Dr Kari Miller – Assistive Technology: Bridge to Independence

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Technology has opened doors for kids with special needs and every parent should know the tools available to their child.  Dr. Kari interviews Dr. Anne Zachry, pediatric occupational therapist, about low-tech and high-tech solutions to meet each child’s needs. Learn about social skills training applications for the iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch; apps that turn an iPad or iPod Touch into a communication device; and apps that can be used to create social stories and visual schedules for students with autism. Learn about great options for students with learning disabilities such as portable word processing devices, smart pens and word recognition software.  Parents will also learn why it is critical to assess a child’s individual needs before purchasing assistive technology. Phone in with questions!  Dr. Zachry’s website: here

Download – Strategies for Great Reading Comprehension

On this episode of Special Kid School Talk Dr. Kari interviews Emily Iland, parent, author, and leader in the autism field about the best strategies for teaching children to understand what they read.  Emily’s new book, Drawing a Blank: Improving Comprehension for Readers on the Autism Spectrum, is a wealth of resources for parents and educators.  Ms. Iland is also the co-author of Autism Spectrum Disorders from A to Z (2004). Many children with special needs such as autism and learning disabilities have trouble making sense of what they read.  What makes it even more confusing is that these kids can have good “decoding” or ability to sound out the words.  Parents and teachers want strategies to help these kids!

Click here to see Ms. Iland’s website.

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Download – Mom Shares Tips on How to Raise a Child With Autism

On this episode of Special Kid School Talk Dr. Kari welcomes Bobbi Sheahan, author and mother of four, including Grace who has autism, who shares her insights on parenting a child with autism. Ms. Sheahan hopes to spare other parents some of the pain, discouragement, and confusion that can accompany the early years of parenting a child who has or may have autism.  Autism is the most feared childhood diagnosis.  What do you do when you suspect your child could have autism, or if you have just received the diagnosis of autism, or even if you have known for some time that your family is affected by autism?

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Download – Sensory Processing Disorder and Anxiety

On this episode of Special Kid School Talk Dr. Kari welcomes Jackie Linder Olson, who shares ways to help your child with sensory processing and regulation issues in the home, community, and classroom.  Sensory processing is an area that so many parents are interested to learn about!  We talk about how the information a child takes in with his or her senses can be misunderstood by the body and lead to anxiety reactions.

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Download – Disarm Autism and Love Your Child

On this episode of Special Kid School Talk Dr. Kari is joined by Adelaide Zindler, the “Home Office Mommy” who shares her personal story of being a parent with ADHD, raising a daughter with autism.  Adelaide will share how being labeled with ADHD impacted her, how she’s learned to have a “multi-sided” view of autism, her struggles as a parent, and how she’s been successful in dealing with the school system.

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Download – Have a “Great Date” With All Your Kids

On this episode of Special Kid School Talk Dr. Kari interviews Dr. Esther Hess, developmental psychologist, about strategies parents can use to create and maintain a delicate balance between the emotional, social, physical and financial needs of all of their children.  Parents often agonize about how to create a balance between attending to the needs of their special needs children while not neglecting the care of their neuro-typically developing children.

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Download – Does Your Child Have Auditory Processing, Autism or ADHD?

Dr Allison Kawa - autism evaluationOn this episode of Special Kid School Talk, Dr. Kari interviews child psychologist, Dr. Allison Kawa about the confusing and difficult diagnosis between these three disabilities – Auditory Processing, Autism and ADHD.  If you are concerned that your child has attention deficit disorder, autism, or auditory processing problems, you don’t want to miss this show!
Dr. Kawa’s website:

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Download – Young Adults on the Autism Spectrum Share Their Success Stories!

Raising a successful college graduateOn this episode of Special Kid School Talk, Dr. Miller interviews young adults on the autism spectrum as they share their personal stories about growing up and transitioning from childhood to adulthood. Young adults who have attended Family, Adult and Child Therapies in Los Angeles will speak about the challenges they have faced and how they have learned to make good choices. These young adults will share the strategies that have been effective as well as the difficulties they’ve encountered as they pushed to succeed financially and independently. They share honestly about their achievements and failures and give insight to what paths have been the most useful. These young adults are an inspiration to other parents and families! You don’t want to miss this show! Fact Family website:

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Download – Building Relationships With Kids On The Autism Spectrum

build relationships with kids on the autism spectrumIf you are the parent of a child or adolescent on the spectrum, you have probably tried ABA (Applied Behavioral Analysis) to help your child develop social skills. If you are like most parents, you’ve realized that ABA does not do a good job of helping your child understand how others think, or how to start and develop a friendship. You’re probably looking for a better approach. Current therapies center on a “relationship-based” approach. Relationship-based therapies teach your child to initiate relationships rather than simply to respond to instructions.  Aaron Deland, autism therapist joins us for this episode of Special Kid School Talk to discuss relationship-based treatment and how to jump start your child’s connection with others. If your child is on the spectrum, you’ve got to download this show!
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