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Download – Gifted Kids Have Special Needs Too!

On this episode of Special Kid School Talk Dr. Kari interviews Dr. Barbara Klein, Los Angeles clinical psychologist about the special needs of intellectually gifted kids.  Many kids with extremely high intellect have challenges that often go unidentified and untreated.  If your child has a very high intellect, has Asperger’s disorder, or is “twice exceptional” (gifted and learning disabled), join us to learn more about the hidden needs of your child and how to help him/her.

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Download – Getting the Best Education for Your Twice Exceptional Child

getting the best education for your twice exceptional childAsk the Expert

Parents of highly intelligent kids who struggle with learning are often confused about the challenges their child faces. A “masking” phenomenon often occurs; their child’s high intellect is partly hidden by learning problems, and learning difficulties partially conceal their child’s true level of intelligence. This can result in two problems: the child’s intellectual gifts are not nurtured and developed, and learning disabilities may not be properly addressed. Dr. Barbara Klein, specialist in twice exceptional (2E) kids, joins Dr. Kari Miller to discuss the challenges parents of 2E kids face: identifying 2E kids, how parents can find a good school and obtain necessary accommodations, improving skills, and helping children deal with the unique emotional issues they face. If your highly intelligent child struggles with learning, you don’t want to miss this show! Dr. Klein’s website:

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