Communicating with Tweens—Mission Impossible? No! Doodles to the Rescue!

communicating with tweensParents of kids in the 10-12 year age range know the signs all too well: rolling eyes, turned backs and slammed doors. What happened to the sweet, loving children who couldn’t wait to share their latest accomplishments? Before the bond is seriously damaged, parents can make simple changes in the way they relate to their children to keep the lines of communication open. Gayla Kilbride, creator of the Doodle DYEnamics Pledge Kit and Doodle Wear shares her approach to strengthening the parent-child connection. Join us to find out how to take the Doodle DYEnamics Pledge and build a bond of trust with your child.

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2 Responses to “Communicating with Tweens—Mission Impossible? No! Doodles to the Rescue!”
  1. Willian says:

    That is awesome! I actually did this activity with my son and nephew not to long ago and I told them that YOU had taught me! lol That was a fun camping trip.

  2. Thanks, Willian! Art speaks a universal language 🙂

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