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On this episode of Special Kid School Talk Dr. Kari interviews a father of a student in a large public school district about his fight to receive a decent education for his child.  He will share his tactics for receiving appropriate accommodations for his son and how he backed the school district into a corner!  You don’t want to miss this show if your child attends a public school.

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One Response to “Download – Father Fights School District”
  1. Ron O says:

    Dr. Miller, My wife and I enjoyed this blog talk radio. Where was this guy when LAUSD did the exact same thing to our daughter. I started with the Principle and was referred to the “Special Support Unit” that sent me a pamphlet on “Parents Rights” I started looking into the process and they are talking about due process. All my wife and I wanted was to have what the school said they were going to do. I got passed along like a hot potato. I really did not have the money to hire an Advocate. But for all these years my wife and I have been going to these IEP meetings, everyone was friendly and after looking back at what we talked about and what was written on her IEP were not the same. They pushed us into singing the IEP right after the meeting. This father that took up for his son, said he spent hours “getting ready” for his son’s IEP? How and what do you get ready for? He sounded like he knew a great deal about how LAUSD works and IEP’s. I would like to talk to him. Is there any way you can give out his e-mail or maybe that’s asking too much, can you pass my e-mail to him? Do you think he could or would even take the time to answer a few questions on how he gets ready for his sons IEP? Our Daughter’s IEP meeting is coming up just a few weeks after school starts and my wife and I have promised our self, we want to be ready this go around. Thank you for your show. We have only been reading and listing to your shows for a few months, but we have received a great deal of information. We both wanted to say thank you. I can’t remember if he gave his name or not, but hearing how “The parent is the most important member of the IEP Team” restored or should I say, gave my wife and I more confidence. They use so many acronyms, we don’t even know what they are saying half the time. We have never received a separate report card and never knew that we were entitled to get one. This guy just put it all on the line, without beating around the bush, both my wife and I liked that about him. After going around so many blocks with LAUSD we still to this day have never gotten a response to our complaint, never in writing, just over the phone. We were told there was no need to fill out any forms, which they would take care of it from here. They asked our Daughters name, birthday and what was the name of the school. This did not seem right to us then and it sure does not sound right after having your guest on. We also want to thank you, a friend told us about your blog talk show and site a few months ago and we have gained a great deal of information, so far.
    Thank You Dr. Miller.
    Ron and Robin O.

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