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On this episode of Special Kid School Talk Dr. Kari is joined by psychologist Dr. Jennifer Cassatly, who talks about the problems girls with ADD can develop, how to tell if your daughter (or your niece, or even yourself) has ADD, and what to do to help.  It’s usually much easier to tell that your son has attention deficit disorder than it is to tell that your daughter has ADD.  Girls who don’t receive treatment usually aren’t able to discover and cultivate their strengths.  They do, however, tend to grow up with a lot of shame and self-blame. They often feel second-class, unable to be the ideal woman, spouse, or mother that our culture encourages them to be.

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One Response to “Download – Girls Can’t Really Have Attention Deficit Disorder Can They”
  1. Brock says:

    I just read another article about how girls display ADD differently (more inwardly…less hyperactivity, etc.), which is why they might be misdiagnosed or under-diagnosed in general, compared to boys.

    Any thoughts on that?


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