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Dr. Kari Miller, PhD
“Welcome to the most comprehensive collection of expert advice in the field of parenting, education, advocacy, and straightforward information about special kids, their education, and their future that you will find anywhere on the web!”




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I’m pleased to have put together a powerful collection of expert interviews for you. You can easily access these very special recordings by clicking on the link below.

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Dr. Kari Miller


Download – Substance Use and Abuse in Teens

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Dr. Kari welcomes back Curt Widhalm, marriage and family therapist, to discuss effective ways to talk with teens and build your teen’s resiliency to substance abuse.  Teen substance use is a growing crisis in America.  Peers have more influence over our kids than ever before.  Parents often don’t know what to do when drugs and alcohol become an issue. Parents can teach their teens appropriate ways to handle peer pressure and avoid drugs and alcohol.

Click here to view Mr. Widhalm’s website.

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Download – Bullying—It’s Not a Rite of Passage–Mojo UP

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On this episode of Special Kid School Talk Dr. Kari welcomes Mr. Mojo to share with us how kids can “Mojo UP” to find their positive attitude to deal with bullying, and how parents can work with schools to put a stop to the aggression. Anti-bullying and youth leadership coach Travis Brown (known as Mr. Mojo), is currently on a nationwide school tour and has received support from the daughter of actor Jamie Foxx. Corinne Foxx has organized an Anti-Bullying Week at her school here in Los Angeles, featuring Mr. Mojo as the keynote speaker.  My parents thought bullying was just something kids had to go through—no big deal.  But I was terrified to go to school.  It’s time for adults to face up the fact that bullying of our school children is the most common form of aggression in America today!  Nearly 30 percent of students report being the victim of a bullying incident, and about the same percent confess to bullying other students.  Bullying has always been abusive, and we finally understand the problems bullying causes.

Click here to see Mr. Mojo’s website.

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Download – What Children Need from Parents to be Happy & Successful

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On this episode of Special Kid School Talk Dr. Kari interviews Dr. Kenneth Herman, clinical psychologist, for his insights into parenting.  Tune in to learn about discipline, establishing healthy habits, and avoiding the common parenting mistakes!  Dr. Herman is the author of Secrets from the Sofa: A Psychologists Guide to Achieving Personal Peace, which was the recipient of the Brian Walsh Award for The Best Personal Growth Book of the Year. It also won literary awards in the categories of Psychology, Health, Mental Health, and as a Guide to College Students.

This episode is for all parents, not just parents of special needs kids!  All of us parents wonder and worry and even agonize about how to balance our discipline and limit setting with our desire to raise kids with rock-solid self-esteem.  We all wish we knew a lot more about how to be our child’s guide and good friend and still be “in charge.”

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Download – Success Against The Odds: Parents Make the Difference

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On this episode of Special Kid School Talk Dr. Kari interviews John Paul Engel’s. From the start, John success in life seemed impossible. He nearly died at birth, he was born addicted to the antidepressants his mother had taken during pregnancy, and he suffered from severe brain damage. Doctors believed he would never walk or have any chance of a normal life. He was given up for adoption, but the state planned to institutionalize him for life because of his severe disabilities. Now, a Collegiate Scholar Award winner who went on to earn a graduate degree from the University of Chicago, Mr. Engel is a motivational speaker, author, and business consultant. He is dedicated to bringing to students everywhere practical success advice from some of the most accomplished people in the world by way of his empowering and informative collection of stories and advice, Project Be the Change: Academic & Career Advice From Highly Successful People.

Click here to see Mr. Engel’s website.

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Download – Keeping Your Child Safe From Sexual Predators

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On this episode of Special Kid School Talk Dr. Kari interviews Chris Mulligan of the Cyber Addiction Recovery Center who tells us how parents can make their kids resistant to predators, how to have frank discussions with your child about the risks of exploitation, and signs to look for that your child may have been victimized.  Sexual predators look for vulnerable kids to exploit.

Click here to see Mr. Mulligan’s website.

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Download – Solutions to Cyber and Gaming Addiction

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On this episode of Special Kid School Talk Dr. Kari interviews Chris Mulligan of the Cyber Addiction Recovery Center about who is most at risk to develop cyber abuse and gaming addition, how to determine if your child’s interest is, in fact, an addiction, and what should be done about it.  You may suspect that your child (or your spouse, or even yourself) has an interest in electronics that is beyond control.  But how can you help?

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Download – Strengthening Family Relationships in Special Needs Families

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On this episode of Special Kid School Talk Dr. Kari is joined by Curt Widhalm, marriage and family therapist, who helps families identify how to take steps to develop a healthy family identity outside of special needs.  Special needs families often don’t realize that the necessary focus on therapy and services for the special needs child can take a toll on marriages, sibling relationships and individuality.  Families affected by special needs can isolate themselves from other families and community support systems.

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Download – Helping Difficult Kids Be Successful at School and Home

helping difficult kids be successful at home and schoolFrom Chaos to Calm in Thirty Seconds!
Every parent wants their child to follow the rules and grow into a responsible adult.  On this episode of Special Kid School Talk, Dr. Kari Miller is joined by Philip Stearns, author and parent educator, who teaches parents how to control the biological switches of your special needs child’s emotions to gain their cooperation easily and effectively!  If your child has difficulty following the rules, you don’t want to miss this show!

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Parenting Special Needs Kids For Greatness

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parenting special needs for greatnessHow to Avoid Mistakes Some Parents Unconsciously Make

You love your special needs child and want the best for him or her. If you discovered that you were unconsciously contributing to your child’s learning problems, I know you would want to find a different approach. Three damaging behaviors some parents employ include: focusing on a child’s problems rather than potential solutions, reinforcing a child’s feelings about his/her limitations, and not knowing how to develop a strong relationship with their child.

Listen to this episode of Special Kid School Talk to learn:

  • The qualities that make special needs students successful and how parents can encourage these powerful qualities in their children.
  • How to avoid the parenting traps that rob your child of the power to succeed.
  • How to become a “charismatic” parent and develop a loving and connected relationship with your child.

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