Book Review of Superparenting for ADD by Dr. Edward M. HallowellAuthor—Dr. Edward M. Hallowell
Book—Superparenting for ADD:  An Innovative Approach to Raising Your Distracted Child

It was a joy to read this book.  Dr. Hallowell and I are clearly on the same wavelength in our philosophy.  I talk about parenting as a mission of trust in the ultimate growth and development of your child.  Every one has within them the ability to grow beyond all expectations.  The more you relate to your child from a position of respect and trust, the more he develops into a person who tackles any challenge.

Dr. Hallowell talks about relating to your child from a position of unconditional love.  He advises parents to develop empathy—an awareness of the challenges your child is facing on a daily basis—and to see their stumbles and failures as steps along a path to success.

I love his emphasis on what he terms “mirror traits.”  The concept of mirror traits allows adults to reframe their negative impressions about what a child can’t do into a positive vision of what a child can do.  Dr. Hallowell says that mirror traits are “simply the positive side of the negative symptoms associated with ADD.”

For example, the mirror trait for distractibility is curiosity.  In a problem-based model, a child has difficulty focusing and paying attention.  In a strength-based system, this same trait is a kind of turbo-charged curiosity about life.  Whether this trait of distractibility/curiosity is good or bad, is strictly dependent upon the situation.

When a child with ADHD thinks about mirror traits, it reduces the shame and futility that many kids with ADHD develop, and allows a child to develop greater ability to choose, in any moment, which side of the mirror trait he will allow to show.  This gives him a strength-based platform from which to discover and pursue his gifts, without blame and humiliation

The book includes an appendix with suggestions for behavioral techniques that parents can put into action at home.

It’s a great read; an uplifting experience, and a must-have book for every parent of an ADHD child.  You can get the book on  Again, the book is

Superparenting for ADD:  An innovative approach to Raising Your Distracted Child by Dr. Edward M. Hallowell, M.D.