On this episode of Special Kid School Talk Dr. Kari welcomes Mr. Mojo to share with us how kids can “Mojo UP” to find their positive attitude to deal with bullying, and how parents can work with schools to put a stop to the aggression. Anti-bullying and youth leadership coach Travis Brown (known as Mr. Mojo), is currently on a nationwide school tour and has received support from the daughter of actor Jamie Foxx. Corinne Foxx has organized an Anti-Bullying Week at her school here in Los Angeles, featuring Mr. Mojo as the keynote speaker.  My parents thought bullying was just something kids had to go through—no big deal.  But I was terrified to go to school.  It’s time for adults to face up the fact that bullying of our school children is the most common form of aggression in America today!  Nearly 30 percent of students report being the victim of a bullying incident, and about the same percent confess to bullying other students.  Bullying has always been abusive, and we finally understand the problems bullying causes.

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