H.L. Student

Working with Kari has allowed me to finally feel comfortable with my learning difference. Rather than dwelling on my weaknesses, together we discovered my personal strengths. What I learned from Kari extends beyond the classroom – in fact I will go so far as to classify the knowledge she shared with me as life lessons. Kari is one of the most kind, caring, and down to earth educators that I have ever come across. Without a doubt, the impact that Kari has left upon me is unlike that of any tutor I’ve ever worked with before.

B.G., Student

The ACT went so great and I owe it all to you Kari! Thank you so much for being there for me and teaching me. You truly are a remarkable woman, and any student is lucky to have you, just like me.

T.R., Student

Kari Miller is amazing! I started seeing her in middle school when I was failing math. Not only did she help me with math, but, once we fixed that problem, she began helping me with everything else, from writing to reading Shakespeare. Kari is so much more than a tutor. She doesn’t just teach you facts and tell you the answers; she teaches you how to approach the problem and the fundamentals.

T.D., Parent

I’m not working now, but I’d do anything to keep my daughter with Dr. Kari. My daughter wouldn’t be where she is today without the work they’ve done together. I tell every parent I meet, ‘If your child has any trouble in school, you’ve got to go to Dr. Kari.

P.N., Parent

By the way, you are amazing. Thank you so much for helping Nicole. I can hear how relaxed she is when she works with you. You are a really gifted teacher and a very nice person. It is helping our family a lot too.

S.B., Parent

As they say in Hollywood – ‘You’re the Tops…you’re the Mona Lisa…’ We so appreciate all your work with our son…and feel he’s improved so much!!!

Strong reading skills are essential for success in school. The approaches I use give students the tools to develop reading proficiency. These programs develop the two essential components of reading: decoding skills and comprehension abilities.

Reading is smooth and fluid when students master decoding skills, in other words, when students have learned which sound is represented by a given letter. The key to helping students develop reading decoding skill is to use methods that fully engage the brain. Methods that completely engage the brain also totally engage the senses. My approach fully activates a student’s learning abilities using multi-sensory techniques based in Orton-Gillingham methods.

I combine systematic instruction in sound-symbol relationships with drills that develop a student’s attention and automatic recognition of sounds and letters so that a student will develop the foundational skills essential for reading. This method improves phonemic awareness skills (such as sound blending and rhyming) which are essential to becoming a strong reader.

My strong comprehension programs teach students at all grade levels how to understand and learn more from what they read. I help students develop the skills to focus on the thinking processes needed to understand text. I teach comprehension strategies that promote understanding before, during and after reading to promote significant increases in comprehension skill. Some of the important components of comprehension improved include:

  • Using pre-reading techniques to warm up for reading
  • Connecting prior knowledge to the current material
  • Acquiring new vocabulary words
  • Identifying the structure of reading material (for example, cause and effect, description, compare and contrast, etc.)
  • Adjusting the reading rate for the difficulty of material and purpose of reading
  • Knowing whether the material is comprehended and how to adjust strategies when material is not being adequately understood
  • Creating visual images of what is being read
  • Focusing attention by asking questions while reading – in other words, being an “active” reader
  • Using techniques such as graphic organizers, outlines and color-coding to increase understanding and anchor information in memory

To download an article that discusses the advantages of working with an educational therapist over a tutor to develop your child’s reading proficiency, click on the link below.

Click here to download an article on Helping Your Child Develop Reading Mastery

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