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Great Parent Testimonial!

      “As they say in Hollywood – ‘You’re the Tops …you’re the Mona Lisa…’ We so appreciate all your work with our son…and feel he’s improved so much!!!”

      – S. B., Culver City Parent

Dr. Miller is pleased to speak with you to discuss how educational therapy can dramatically improve results for your child and your family.

      1. Before contacting Dr. Miller, please view her videos that explain her five-part SUCCESS Program for Educational Excellence.  It is of tremendous value to you to view the video that describes her unique five-part approach to educating students with complicated learning needs.  Your discussion will be much more productive if you have a solid overview of her uniquely effective system.
      2. After viewing the video, please email Dr. Miller for available openings.  She can be reached at
      3. If Dr. Miller has available openings in her schedule, she will ask you to download and complete the SUCCESS Program Questionnaire.
      4. Then Dr. Miller will contact you to schedule a time to speak by phone.  This is a highly informative and valuable call for you because Dr. Miller will fully share her expertise in order to develop a plan of action for taking your child from struggling learner to successful student.
      5. After this initial phone call: Dr. Miller will meet with you in her office to develop and refine specific goals for educational therapy sessions and obtain more detailed information about your child.
      6. To prepare for the face-to-face meeting with Dr. Miller, please download, print and complete the four forms below. Dr. Miller will advise you of any other documents that will assist her in developing an educational plan for your child.

Download, print & complete the following forms:

Please contact Dr. Miller if you have any questions.

Dr. Miller can be reached by email at

“I’m not working now, but I’d do anything to keep my daughter with Dr. Kari. My daughter wouldn’t be where she is today without the work they’ve done together. I tell every parent I meet, ‘If your child has any trouble in school, you’ve got to go to Dr. Kari.’” – T.D. Los Angeles


“We would bring our son to work with Dr. Miller every day if we had the money!” – M. T. Los Angeles Parent