All parents need to know about executive skills.  These are the skills that help us monitor and direct our lives.  We use our executive skills to plan and organize our behavior, make well-thought-out decisions, overrule immediate desires in favor of longer-term goals, take conscious control of emotions, and monitor our thoughts in order to work more efficiently and effectively.

Kids with ADHD have difficulty with one or more of the executive skills.  And other types of learning issues can cause a child to have trouble developing and using their executive skills.

These are skills such as planning and prioritization that allow us to set goals and keep track of our progress toward meeting these goals.  Kids with good planning and prioritization skills know what is important to focus on and how much attention to give a task based on how challenging it is.   They can shift gears and give more attention to important tasks.

Another important executive skill is time management.  This is a complicated skill that kids need to learn because it involves learning how to prioritize activities, budget time and stick to a schedule.

One of the most important executive skills is metacognition.  This is the ability to take a top down view of your situation.  Good metacognitive skills allow a person to tell when their problem solving approach is off track and helps them make changes to get back to the goal.

If your child is struggling to develop these executive skills, he or she may need specialized help in order to learn strategies to manage and direct his life.

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