I’m often asked how my educational therapy approach is different from tutoring.  Tutors focus on teaching bodies of facts, and sometimes a small number of study skills.  Tutors are basically helpful to students when the student learns relatively easily and has just fallen a little behind for some reason such as being ill.

But tutors are NOT trained in the way the human brain learns so they don’t know how to help students who learn differently or who have complicated learning needs.

When students have issues such as learning disabilities or attention deficit disorder, to name only two, there are one or more areas in which they don’t learn easily.  Without more specialized help than they can get from tutoring, they stay behind and generally don’t catch up.

The reason is that tutors and school teachers use a one-size-fits-all approach to teaching.  Even when tutors work one to one with a student, the tutor teaches the way the tutor herself learns and not the way your child learns best.  Tutors don’t know how to figure out how your child learns best. They aren’t trained to find an approach that works for your child; their method is to “get the facts” into your child’s head.

But students with complicated learning needs don’t respond to more of the same old approach—they need a BETTER approach.  They need to have concepts and skills presented in a way that they can understand.  They need to learn study skills that will work for them.

The professional mentoring your child should let him or her know that he is perfectly capable of learning, and together they can figure out the best approaches—approaches that work.  I always promise my students that I won’t stop looking for those best methods until I find them.  I promise my students that I’ll help them discover how successful they can really be.

I tell my students that as long as they are willing to put real effort into learning the techniques I show them, they will learn many methods that actually work.  As soon as they find techniques that work, then they begin to realize that they can be successful at learning and can do well in school.

If your child doesn’t know what the best study methods are for him or her, she could very well need an educational therapist.

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