Dr. Barbara Klein, PhD

Gifted Children & Twins
School Placement & Parent Coaching
Educational Consulting

How I Help Families:

I believe that parents are the most important and influential people in a young child’s life, so I dedicate myself to helping parents understand and support the special educational needs of their gifted and highly gifted children. I also recognize the special needs of twins and have made it my mission to help parents raise twins who are happy, confident and well-adjusted.

Services I Provide:

I specialize in helping families support their gifted and highly gifted children by providing:

  • Testing to identify strengths and areas of concern so issues can be addressed early
  • Consultation on appropriate school placement
  • College admissions and placement consultation
  • Parent coaching
  • Tutoring for gifted students

I also facilitate weekly parenting groups and storytelling and creative writing classes for children aged 5 and up.


Dr. Barbara Klein, PhD
10940 Wilshire Blvd., 16th floor
Los Angeles, CA 90024
The fastest way to contact me is by telephone.
(310) 443-4182