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Services I Provide

I help students with learning needs such as ADHD and learning disabilities raise their grades and get on track for college. And best of all, I help them finally realize that instead of being “stupid” they are genuinely intelligent and are capable of handling any challenge.



How I Help Students with Learning Challenges


Students who have complicated learning needs due to conditions such as ADD, ADHD, autism and learning disabilities have five problems with learning:

  1. They don’t learn the way teachers try to teach them.
  2. They often fall behind in basic skills such as reading and math.
  3. Many of them have weak learning skills such as memory and attention.
  4. They haven’t learned the best study strategies or other academic management tools to be successful students.
  5. And because they have experienced failure after failure, they suffer from feelings of inferiority which cause them to dislike and even avoid academics.

In order to succeed in school and go to college, they need to have each of these problems addressed. Since every student is struggling with his or her unique combination of challenges, I develop a unique and personalized approach for each student that will improve his or her skills. I give your child the right kind of support in each of the areas affected by his learning struggles. Your child sees his grades go up and he realizes that he can learn. When your child knows he can be successful in school, he makes better decisions about studying, and then his life truly changes.


Student Testimonials


“Working with Kari has allowed me to finally feel comfortable with my learning difference. Rather than dwelling on my weaknesses, together we discovered my personal strengths. What I learned from Kari extends beyond the classroom – in fact I will go so far as to classify the knowledge she shared with me as life lessons. Kari is one of the most kind, caring, and down to earth educators that I have ever come across. Without a doubt, the impact that Kari has left upon me is unlike that of any tutor I’ve ever worked with before.”

– H. L., Brentwood Student

“The ACT went so great and I owe it all to you Kari! Thank you so much for being there for me and teaching me. You truly are a remarkable woman, and any student is lucky to have you, just like me.”

– B. G., Hancock Park Student

“Kari Miller is amazing! I started seeing her in middle school when I was failing math. Not only did she help me with math, but, once we fixed that problem, she began helping me with everything else, from writing to reading Shakespeare. Kari is so much more than a tutor. She doesn’t just teach you facts and tell you the answers; she teaches you how to approach the problem and the fundamentals.”

– T. R., Los Angeles Student

“When I first started my tutoring sessions with Dr. Miller, I told her that I always sat in the back of my math classroom, and would never raise my hand. She assured me that one day soon I’d be sitting up front and would be volunteering to answer questions! This seemingly impossible vision has become a reality, due to Dr. Miller’s patient review sessions, and optimistic encouragement. I’ve gained knowledge of math, and also useful study skills that translate to all my other school subjects. In addition to the invaluable information, with Dr. Miller’s help, I’ve gained self confidence in the classroom, and that is something I appreciate every day.”

– W. K., Pacific Palisades Student

“I have had the pleasure of working with Kari for over five years. When I first started meeting with her in 7th grade, I was failing Math class. Over the years, she has worked with me on techniques and approaches to learning and test taking. Her patience and bubbly personality always boosts my confidence. Her unique methods and games motivate me and keep me engaged during my class and our sessions. I never thought I could succeed in math but thanks to Kari, math has become one of my best subjects. She is the best teacher I have ever had.”

– L. I., Los Angeles Student


Parent Testimonial by Eileen Y.


Parent Testimonials

“I’m not working now, but I’d do anything to keep my daughter with Dr. Kari. My daughter wouldn’t be where she is today without the work they’ve done together. I tell every parent I meet, ‘If your child has any trouble in school, you’ve got to go to Dr. Kari.’”

– T.D. Los Angeles


“We would bring our son to work with Dr. Miller every day if we had the money!”

– M. T. Los Angeles Parent

“As they say in Hollywood – ‘You’re the Tops…you’re the Mona Lisa…’
We so appreciate all your work with our son…and feel he’s improved so much!!!”
– S. B., Culver City Parent

“Your approach made all the difference! My son believes in himself again.”

– F. C., Beverly Hills Parent

“I’m so glad you’re in my daughter’s life!”

– E. S., Beverly Hills Parent

“Kari has provided educational services for my daughter for the last five years. Her individualized approach to my daughter’s needs have aided my daughter in all subjects, not only in math. Her commitment and talent has allowed my daughter to succeed on tests and at school. My daughter’s confidence in her learning skills has greatly improved since she started working with Kari. Kari’s professionalism and patience mark her as a true educator.”

– M. I., Los Angeles Parent

“Thank you so much for doing an excellent job in providing our son with the skills and information he needed to become a successful high school student. His grade point average clearly improved while working with you, enabling him to get accepted to many excellent colleges.”

– M. L., Brentwood Parent


Professional Testimonials

“Dr. Kari Miller is a dynamo! One just needs to step inside her office to see that she is a dedicated professional constantly striving for inventive ways to reach children. I am highly impressed by Kari’s credentials, experience, and her command of a variety of techniques and programs. But it is her warm and engaging demeanor that makes this all such a powerful package. Her “believe in success” message is very motivating in a time when academic pressure can be overwhelming to both children and families. I recommend Dr. Miller highly – and frequently!”

– Deborah Studebaker, Licensed Brain Gym Instructor

“As an educational therapist, Kari Miller is at the top of her profession. She is able to combine abundant technical knowledge of learning differences and remedial techniques with real compassion for the individuals who work with her. This is what makes the magic happen. As a math specialist, Kari is the best and her profound mastery of the subject matter is without equal. At the same time, she has developed a range of strategies to assist even the youngest, most challenged students grasp the basic concepts which may have eluded them.”

– Susan Gonzales, Educational Therapist

“It is a pleasure working alongside Dr. Miller at Miller Educational Excellence where she is known by her colleagues to be a knowledgeable and enthusiastic educational therapist who is gifted in bringing out students’ hidden talents. She knows how foster a student’s inner strengths to unfold. She believes that everyone can learn, and that we can always find the correct way to teach every student!”

– Nana D., Educational Therapist formerly working at MEE

“Dr. Miller understands the whole student. She takes into consideration each student’s strengths and how to build on the strong skills each one has already developed, while also improving the individual, unique needs. Our office is like a treasure chest of materials that makes each visit an adventure of fun and engaging learning.”

– Sue R., Educational Therapist formerly working at MEE


Dr. Kari Miller, PhD, BCET

Miller Educational Excellence




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