Dr. Josh Mandelberg, MD, FAAP

Developmental-Behavioral Pediatrician


Services I Provide

I help families whose children who are having difficulties with developmental delays, behavior problems, school performance and other psychological concerns to understand the type of support that will help their child.

When I evaluate children and adolescents, I look at the whole child and seek to understand how issues such as child temperament, environment, typical developmental phases and health issues are affecting the child’s life.

To better understand your child, I use standardized measures as well as looking subjectively at your child’s performance. I talk with parents, teachers and therapists to gain a full perspective. I observe children at school when necessary. I look for underlying medical or genetic conditions and help parents understand the connection between your child’s medical, environmental and developmental histories.

I recommend therapies, school programs and other resources as well as advocate with Regional Center and your child’s school district. I can recommend behavioral strategies and medications for your child when necessary. I provide ongoing support, assessment and guidance to children and families over time.

Typical Issues I Evaluate:

  • Developmental delays and children at risk for delays (i.e. ex-NICU, adopted, medically fragile, genetic diagnoses, sensory impairment) in the areas of motor, language, cognition and adaptive skills
  • Autism, Asperger’s and other social difficulties
  • ADHD and Executive Function deficits
  • Learning disabilities, Academic problems, Intellectual disability and Giftedness
  • Motor issues including Cerebral Palsy and hypotonia
  • Behavioral problems (including behavioral issues with obesity, sleep, feeding, self-regulation and elimination)
  • Anxiety and tic disorders (including OCD, selective mutism and Tourette’s syndrome)


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Developmental-Behavioral Pediatrician
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