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How We Help Youth and Families

We believe that the developmental and learning needs of children and youth are intertwined with their mental health and self-esteem. We advocate for youth to help them thrive in school, at home and in the community. By monitoring a child’s developmental progress and ensuring he or she is provided with developmentally supportive play activities, we can increase the likelihood that he or she will become a confident young learner who achieves potential.

Services We Provide

We provide a variety of services addressing the developmental and educational needs of children and youth, with an eye to how mental health and self-esteem are intertwined with all developmental and learning activities. We love working with children with unique and complicated (physical and mental) health histories, and strive to facilitate appropriate and supportive educational environments for each child.

Educational Services

  • Empower and educate families to advocate for their children’s psychoeducational needs.
  • Impartial review and analysis of educational needs and services
  • Supportive advocacy at Individual Education Program (IEP) and other school meetings
  • Consultation with mental health professionals on the integration of children’s educational needs with therapeutic practices.
  • Collaborative communication with schools to ensure appropriate and effective services
  • School observations and coordination with school and other service professionals
  • Trainings on IEPs, educational advocacy, and the link between education and mental health

Child Development Services

  • Child development education and guidance for schools and other service professionals
  • Developmental screenings for infants and young children.
  • In-home and school-based observations
  • Consultations to families, schools, and other professionals regarding children’s mental health from a developmental perspective.
  • Professional reports, recommendations, and referrals addressing children’s developmental needs
  • Coordination with families and professionals to facilitate effective collaboration and services.
  • Trainings on child development and child mental health.

We specialize in educational advocacy trainings for mental health agencies, Full-Service Partnership (FSP), and Wraparound programs. Our child development services are targeted toward populations that are no longer served by Regional Center programs through their Early Intervention / Early Start programs.

Testimonials from Parents

“Kelly is very caring and knowledgeable. It is a great relief to have her hold your hand through the overwhelming IEP process. Her presence definitely kept the entire IEP team ‘on their toes’ and, I believe, more open to providing my son the services he needed. She cared for my son as if he were her own, and the whole process was easier emotionally, knowing she was looking out for all our best interests. Thank you, Kelly, for all your help and support.”

“Kelly is patient, kind and resourceful, and is very helpful when you face huge challenges.”

“Kelly helped make sure the language and comments in the IEP reflected my child’s best interests.”

“I don’t know what I’d do without her!”

“Kelly Rain began working with my 10 year old daughter on her language and math skills as a tutor. When we realized that my daughter had a learning disability, Kelly was able to guide us successfully through the myriad of difficulties that are associated with identifying the disability, then further in guiding us on the IEP process. My daughter is 22 now, and I am happy to report that she was able to graduate and receive her high school diploma with the knowledge and expertise Kelly provided. Through the years that I’ve known Kelly, I have always known her to be a woman of honesty and integrity in every aspect of her life. I would highly recommend her services and company to anyone!”

Testimonials from Mental Health & Education Professionals

“Kelly advocates strongly for her clients by helping them navigate the complicated school bureaucracy. She uses a unique blend of qualities that include awareness, knowledge, warmth, and sensitivity to advocate for her client’s unique educational needs. She has great experience working with diverse populations and clients who have a wide range of educational needs.”

“Kelly is very helpful in assisting clients in navigating the school system and solving problems.”

“Kelly is very professional & thorough in her work. She is detail-oriented and knowledgeable about the educational process.”

“Kelly is highly informed and knowledgeable, as well as intuitive, highly attuned and empathetic, which helps when attempting to navigate such a confusing and daunting system. Her style is very personable and contact with her always feels empowering.”

“Kelly Rain Collin is the epitome of professionalism. As an educational liaison, Ms. Collin has excellent communication skills, is tactful and diplomatic with bench officers as well as with youth and parents, provides clear and timely reports and has been a personable and dependable educator. She has my highest regard and recommendation in the fields of education, mental heath and special education.”

“Kelly is thorough in assessing the needs of her client(s) and strategizing the most effective treatment plan necessary. She also has a flair for supporting her clients throughout the whole process, so they feel supported and nurtured while reaching their full potential. She has a real ‘eye’ for what is needed. It is so refreshing to find someone that understands the link between, and the impact of, mental health issues on educational success.”


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