Lisa Topp, MS, BCBA

Parent Training & Consultation for families with a typical child or a child with special needs.

How I help families

The purpose of my work is to give parents the tools they need to effectively manage their child’s behaviors during any situation or event. I help parents learn how to increase desirable behaviors, to provide consequences for inappropriate behaviors, and to support their child in learning new skills so that children learn to meet their needs in more appropriate ways.

In order to accomplish these goals, I begin by observing the child in naturally occurring situations where inappropriate behaviors occur in order to understand the factors at work. By understanding why the child engages in challenging behaviors, an effective plan of action can be created utilizing the principles of applied behavior analysis (ABA). I then work with parents to help them feel comfortable in implementing the behavior plan so that they are able to effectively manage their child’s behaviors on their own.


Together, we can help your child:


Improve general behavior skills so he or she

  • Waits patiently
  • Transitions between activities comfortably
  • Reacts gracefully when hearing the word “no”

Develop Home-Based Self Help Skills such as:

  • Bathroom/ potty skills
  • Sleeping skills
  • Eating (trying new foods, eating at the table, using utensils)
  • Self-dressing

Increase Academic Behaviors so he or she

  • Sits at the table for appropriate durations
  • Pays attention to his or her schoolwork
  • Appropriately requests breaks
  • Recognizes the need to ask for help

Expand Play Skills so he or she

  • Takes turns
  • Loses gracefully
  • Shares belongings
  • Has pleasant play dates with friends

Improve Language Skills used to:

  • Make requests
  • Negotiate to meet goals
  • Converse to develop friendships

My Background

I have a Master’s degree in Counseling and Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) and I am a board certified behavior analyst (BCBA). For 12 years I worked with a wide range of children at private agencies, utilizing the principles of ABA to increase appropriate behaviors and decrease inappropriate ones. I have worked with children with autism, ADHD, and emotional disturbance, as well as typical children engaging in problem behaviors. I created the behavior programs implemented by the staff as well as training the staff, parents and school personnel on procedures.


Lisa Topp MS, BCBA
(310) 709-2885