Miller Educational Excellence specializes in overcoming learning problems, including reading, writing, math, and attention challenges.
The goal is for each student to become a successful, independent student, with unlimited possibilities.
Dr. Miller’s Educational Excellence approach brings out the brilliance in every special needs student!
Students with ADD, ADHD, autism, learning disabilities and other special learning needs require the most effective, individualized services available
Nothing matters more than your child’s belief in his or her own success!


Are you afraid your child will never be successful in school?

“School success for students with learning problems IS possible, with the right kind of support and training.”

You are in the right place if you are the parent of a smart child who is having difficulty in school and are:

  • Frustrated that homework takes too long or isn’t being done
  • Upset because you have “tried everything”
  • Disappointed because your child seems to have given up
  • Afraid that your child’s learning challenges will always make learning difficult
  • Looking for real solutions to your child’s learning problems

Dr. Miller’s SUCCESS Program gives students the tools to be successful and change their lives forever.

Dr. Miller works with students to achieve:

  • Higher grades and better learning
  • Willingness to devote more time to studying
  • Success in managing their study approaches, time and emotions
  • Confidence in the ability to succeed in school
  • Getting on track for college acceptance…

Are you concerned because your child…

  • Has an individual learning style that schools and tutors don’t understand
  • Lacks the underlying academic skills to keep up with the rest of the class
  • Has weak basic learning skills such as memory and attention that are getting in the way of good grades
  • Hasn’t learned how to manage school by using the best study strategies, time management approaches and strategies for staying in charge of his or her emotions during tests
  • Says things such as “I can’t do this” or “I’ll never learn this” or “I’m so stupid”

If you answered “yes” to any of these questions, your child may have complicated learning needs that require specialized teaching approaches.

Dr. Miller’s SUCCESS Program gives complicated learners the right kind of help to be successful and change their lives forever.

Her SUCCESS Program is for students who have learning needs such as:

  • ADHD, ADD or attention challenges
  • Learning disabilities
  • Dyslexia and other reading problems
  • Math difficulties
  • Auditory or visual processing problems
  • Autism Spectrum Disorders
  • Learning difficulties due to medical or emotional conditions

Are you ready to work with Dr. Miller to help your child achieve these results?

  • Improved strategies for success with any learning material
  • Enhanced problem-solving ability
  • Increased memory and organizational skills
  • Improved self-confidence, motivation and expectation of success
  • Reduced frustration when faced with learning challenges
  • Enjoyment with new learning tasks

Your child doesn’t have to accept limitations.

Your child doesn’t have to avoid academics or be resigned to a life of delegating to others the things he doesn’t do well. (How can he delegate the next spelling test or the SAT?)

Your child doesn’t have to give up his hope of a successful future.

Your child can achieve his or her dreams.
If you are ready, willing, and able to facilitate your child’s dramatic educational improvement, use this link to view the video Dr. Miller’s SUCCESS Program for Educational Excellence.

Here’s to your child’s academic success!

Dr. Miller's SUCCESS Program For Educational Excellence

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“I’m not working now, but I’d do anything to keep my daughter with Dr. Kari. My daughter wouldn’t be where she is today without the work they’ve done together. I tell every parent I meet, ‘If your child has any trouble in school, you’ve got to go to Dr. Kari.’” – T.D. Los Angeles
"We would bring our son to work with Dr. Miller every day if we had the money!" – M. T. Los Angeles Parent

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