Please read the wonderful handwritten notes Dr. Miller has received, then scroll down below to read many other comments from Dr. Miller’s students, parents and colleagues.

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Student Testimonials

The comments Dr. Miller receives from students demonstrate the power of belief in one’s own success!

“Working with Kari has allowed me to finally feel comfortable with my learning difference. Rather than dwelling on my weaknesses, together we discovered my personal strengths. What I learned from Kari extends beyond the classroom – in fact I will go so far as to classify the knowledge she shared with me as life lessons. Kari is one of the most kind, caring, and down to earth educators that I have ever come across. Without a doubt, the impact that Kari has left upon me is unlike that of any tutor I’ve ever worked with before.”

H. L., Brentwood Student

“The ACT went so great and I owe it all to you Kari! Thank you so much for being there for me and teaching me. You truly are a remarkable woman, and any student is lucky to have you, just like me.”

B. G., Hancock Park Student

“Kari Miller is amazing! I started seeing her in middle school when I was failing math. Not only did she help me with math, but, once we fixed that problem, she began helping me with everything else, from writing to reading Shakespeare. Kari is so much more than a tutor. She doesn’t just teach you facts and tell you the answers; she teaches you how to approach the problem and the fundamentals.”

T. R., Los Angeles Student

“When I first started my tutoring sessions with Dr. Miller, I told her that I always sat in the back of my math classroom, and would never raise my hand. She assured me that one day soon I’d be sitting up front and would be volunteering to answer questions! This seemingly impossible vision has become a reality, due to Dr. Miller’s patient review sessions, and optimistic encouragement. I’ve gained knowledge of math, and also useful study skills that translate to all my other school subjects. In addition to the invaluable information, with Dr. Miller’s help, I’ve gained self confidence in the classroom, and that is something I appreciate every day.”

W. K., Pacific Palisades Student

“I have had the pleasure of working with Kari for over five years. When I first started meeting with her in 7th grade, I was failing Math class. Over the years, she has worked with me on techniques and approaches to learning and test taking. Her patience and bubbly personality always boosts my confidence. Her unique methods and games motivate me and keep me engaged during my class and our sessions. I never thought I could succeed in math but thanks to Kari, math has become one of my best subjects. She is the best teacher I have ever had.”

L. I., Los Angeles Student

“I have enjoyed working with you in algebra and learning your techniques that I will continue to use throughout college. Your fondness of math inspired me to work hard and become a better student. And your unique ways of teaching opened my capacity for math.”

E. B., Rancho Park Student

“Thank you so much for everything. I had a great time with you! School has long been a sore spot for me and I think I finally changed the tides!”

D. H., LA Student

Parent Testimonials

“I want to tell you that from where we started to where we are today is just night and day!”

“So over all, you know, our experience with Dr. Kari has been very positive and I would recommend her to anyone with a child with ADHD.”

“Hi. I have a daughter with ADHD. Her name is Juli.

You know throughout elementary school up through the fourth grade we were having issues as far as her being able to focus in class she would forget homework assignments, she had social issues with kids. Consistently, her teachers would tell us the same thing—she just was not able to focus in class. Finally in the fifth grade we had her evaluated and that’s when we found out she has ADHD.

And because of that, through UCLA we were referred to Dr. Kari.

The reason why we decided to go with Dr. Kari was because of her positive approach to teaching kids with ADHD. She focuses on building up the child’s self-esteem. And at the same time she provides the child with tools that they need in order to succeed. And we thought for Juliann, especially since she had self-esteem issues, that that would be the best approach for her.

Dr. Kari also helped us with our IEP program in middle school. She provided advocacy services and she also advised us on establishing a good 504 plan in high school.

Today Juliann is in high school. She’s pulling B’s in algebra. She went from F’s to B’s. She’s actually being recommended for an honors geometry course next year. In her other classes she’s pulling A’s and B’s. And again she’s in an honors English class and is being recommended to continue that next year.

“I want to tell you that from where we started to where we are today is just night and day!”

Because of our lack of understanding of a child with ADHD, I think we made mistakes with Juliann. We thought she just wasn’t paying attention, that she was just being lazy.

But through Dr. Kari we learned that some of these things a child with ADHD just can’t help. There are other ways to approach that. And we’ve learned to do that.

We have a better relationship with Juli. We’re able to relate to her better because we could understand her better. And I think we have a better relationship with Juli and because of that, I think her self-esteem has improved.

And now we’re looking forward to college, whereas before we didn’t think that maybe that would be possible. Juli’s thinking about college now, about a career in animation.

She has a great group of friends now. Socially she’s so much … just has improved in that area, which has also helped improve her self-esteem.

So over all, you know, our experience with Dr. Kari has been very positive and I would recommend her to anyone with a child with ADHD.”

–Eileen Y.


What Other Parents Are Saying About Dr. Miller…

“I’m not working now, but I’d do anything to keep my daughter with Dr. Kari. My daughter wouldn’t be where she is today without the work they’ve done together. I tell every parent I meet, ‘If your child has any trouble in school, you’ve got to go to Dr. Kari.’”

T.D. Los Angeles

“We would bring our son to work with Dr. Miller every day if we had the money!”

M. T. Los Angeles Parent

“By the way, you are amazing. Thank you so much for helping Nicole. I can hear how relaxed she is when she works with you. You are a really gifted teacher and a very nice person. It is helping our family a lot too.”

P. N., Los Angeles Parent

“As they say in Hollywood – ‘You’re the Tops…you’re the Mona Lisa…’
We so appreciate all your work with our son…and feel he’s improved so much!!!”

S. B., Culver City Parent

“Your approach made all the difference! My son believes in himself again.”

F. C., Beverly Hills Parent

“I’m so glad you’re in my daughter’s life!”

E. S., Beverly Hills Parent

“Kari has worked with my eight year old daughter for about eight months. My daughter has a several learning differences, and we can already see better results in her schoolwork. She now likes to read, and LOVES to come to tutoring! Kari has a great way of teaching and being supportive in a fun atmosphere. I’d highly recommend her.”

B. G., Los Angeles Parent

“Kari Miller has been invaluable in helping my daughter master difficult subjects and achieve academic success in those subjects. She has the skill, intelligence, wit and wisdom to motivate young people to do their best work. She also works closely with students to help them achieve academic independence. I recommend her highly!”

J. P., Los Angeles Parent

“Kari is absolutely terrific with my son. Math is his nemesis and she has been able to work through his uneasiness with the subject and things are now clicking for him. She is very enthusiastic and is a wonderful teacher.”

A. T., Santa Monica Parent

“Our 12-year old daughter used to dread math because she could not understand the concepts. She would become very frustrated and it affected her self-esteem. As her mother, I struggled, too, because I could not help her with math without further frustrating her. Because of Dr. Miller’s help, our daughter now actually sees the “fun” in math and looks forward to her sessions. We see that as a huge milestone accomplishment. Our daughter’s self-esteem has improved and it reflects positively in her schoolwork. Thanks Dr. Miller!”

T. G., Culver City Parent

“Kari has provided educational services for my daughter for the last five years. Her individualized approach to my daughter’s needs have aided my daughter in all subjects, not only in math. Her commitment and talent has allowed my daughter to succeed on tests and at school. My daughter’s confidence in her learning skills has greatly improved since she started working with Kari. Kari’s professionalism and patience mark her as a true educator.”

M. I., Los Angeles Parent

“Thank you so much for doing an excellent job in providing our son with the skills and information he needed to become a successful high school student. His grade point average clearly improved while working with you, enabling him to get accepted to many excellent colleges.”

M. L., Brentwood Parent

“My daughter Jessica’s ADHD had caused her to have low self-esteem. Jessica improved her SAT scores and grades while she worked with you. More importantly, you helped Jessica believe in her life in an expanded way, and increased her self-confidence in her ability to achieve her goals. When Jessica was accepted at her number one choice for college she was thrilled! And thanks to her structural work with you, she has experienced major success there.”

A. G., Beverly Hills Parent

“I just wanted to let you know that Sue made the Honor Roll her first time ever! She got all A’s and B’s. Thank you so much for everything that you are doing for her. It is certainly paying off. She is so much more confident about her academics. It’s just wonderful to watch her take off.”

T. W., Beverly Hills Parent

What Professional Colleagues Say About Dr. Miller…

“As an educational therapist, Kari Miller is at the top of her profession. She is able to combine abundant technical knowledge of learning differences and remedial techniques with real compassion for the individuals who work with her. This is what makes the magic happen. As a math specialist, Kari is the best and her profound mastery of the subject matter is without equal. At the same time, she has developed a range of strategies to assist even the youngest, most challenged students grasp the basic concepts which may have eluded them.”

Susan Gonzales, Educational Therapist

“It is a pleasure working alongside Dr. Miller at Miller Educational Excellence where she is known by her colleagues to be a knowledgeable and enthusiastic educational therapist who is gifted in bringing out students’ hidden talents. She knows how foster a student’s inner strengths to unfold. She believes that everyone can learn, and that we can always find the correct way to teach every student!”

Nana D., Educational Therapist formerly working at MEE

“Dr. Miller understands the whole student. She takes into consideration each student’s strengths and how to build on the strong skills each one has already developed, while also improving the individual, unique needs. Her office is like a treasure chest of materials that makes each visit an adventure of fun and engaging learning.”

Sue R., Educational Therapist formerly working at MEE

“I am very comfortable with Dr. Miller’s style and philosophy regarding educating students. She believes strongly in building students’ self-esteem and is the most positive individual I’ve ever worked with. I share her belief in helping students focus on the positive aspects of their lives. When I worked with her, we formed a strong team that emphasized the constructive aspects of working with children to help them overcome their difficulties.”

Debby McDonald, Educational Therapist, formerly working at MEE

“I would recommend Dr. Kari Miller. Kari is highly experienced with EF and other learning differences. Not only is Kari academically well-qualified, but I found her to be an experienced, kind, and caring individual when I contacted her last year when I was putting together a professional referral list for parents. I found Kari’s website to offer solid and accurate information, with good videos, reputable resources for professionals in her field, and strong parent/student recommendations. If I have future clients who have needs beyond my college counseling or tutoring scope of expertise, I will definitely refer them to Kari, so I feel comfortable recommending her to my colleagues in HECA (Higher Education Consultants Association).”

Margo Cohen, Stratford Tutoring and College Planning

Dr. Miller is proud to share the following Student Success Stories…

Benjamin: accepted into 8 prestigious colleges; decided to attend UC Santa Barbara

Sherri: received a “5” (highest score) on the AP Spanish exam; ACT score 27 (84th percentile)

Kayla: accepted into 6 high tier colleges.

Jack: Made the honor roll for the first time at the end of 8th grade after working with Dr. Miller during 8th grade.

Lauren: won a prestigious artistic award, beating hundreds of entrants, many older than her.

Michael: Invited to join the Spanish Honor Society, the National Art Honor Society (for excellence in graphic design), his school’s Leadership Council, and the Peer Counseling Program!

Jasmine: received a visual arts award.

Christopher: made the Honor Roll for the first time; got all A’s.

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