What is educational therapyHow can parents help their child with ADD, ADHD, autism, learning disabilities, or other learning roadblocks be academically successful? Not many parents know about educational therapy and why it is a more effective alternative than tutoring for special needs students.

Educational therapy has three important components. The first is specialized programs and methods that help students ameliorate the learning problems that hold back their learning. The second way educational therapy is superior to tutoring is that educational therapists are trained to teach skills and concepts using a student’s strong abilities, while circumventing a child’s learning weaknesses. By far the most important distinction is the power of educational therapy to defeat special needs students’ greatest foe: learned helplessness—the belief that they are stupid. Learn about this powerful approach in our first Special Kid School Talk radio show, available for download below. We also discuss how to keep children’s skills moving forward during the summer. Get tips for reducing the “summer brain slide” so your child can return to school without losing concepts and skills.

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